Registered Nurse

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Gunnison Valley Health
A clinically competent Registered Nurse (RN) who provides care to the acutely ill patient through the nursing process of assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation. All RNs are expected to maintain proficiency in the care of Med/Surg patients with additional proficiency expectations in E.D. and O.B. dependent upon areas of expertise, years of experience, staffing needs, and tenure at GVH. Professional nursing staff are expected to attain knowledge and competency that reflects current nursing practice following professional practice standards and guidelines, relevant statutes, rules, and regulations. Nurses function collaboratively with patients, families and others in the conduct of nursing practice and are able to integrate ethical provision in all areas of practice. Nurses consider factors related to safety, effectiveness, cost, and impact on practice in the planning and delivery of nursing services at Gunnison Valley Hospital.
Education: Graduation from an accredited school of nursing.
Experience: One (1) year previous acute care experience preferred.
Licenses: R.N. licensed in the State of Colorado, or compact license.
? Med/Surg requires current BLS certification, ACLS within the first year and maintained thereafter.
? ED requires current BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP and TNCC. Applicant may complete PALS, NRP, and TNCC after hire at discretion of supervisor.
? OB requires current BLS, ACLS, and NRP. After six months of OB orientation, nurses must complete AWHONN Beginning Fetal Monitoring and maintain thereafter.
? Projects a professional manner and image and complies with departmental dress code.
? Demonstrates proficiency in assessing and caring for patients. Documents, implements, and updates plan of care.
? Collaborates with all members of the health care team to plan, implement, and evaluate patient's status and treatment plan. Uses approved SBAR format for all caregiver to caregiver patient handoffs.
? Demonstrates leadership skills as evidenced by team management, effective communication and delegation.
? Cross trains and floats to other areas of nursing as required. (Must demonstrate proficiency and have completed competency check off for each area scheduled. Example: OB, Med/Surg, ED, Surg, etc)
? Demonstrates ability to safely care for multiple patients in accordance to the GVH Nurse Staffing Plan.
? Attends a minimum of 75% of all staff meetings and 100% of any mandatory meetings/training.
? Maintains attendance and punctuality
? Participates in process improvement and consistently offers solution based input into improving nursing practice.
? Maintains patient confidentiality.
? Practices good hand hygiene.
? Ensures proper handling of specimens.
? Demonstrates proficiency in computer charting.
? Consistently demonstrates responsibility and accountability.
? Provides age and culturally appropriate care. Provides patient and family centered care.
? Wears identification badge while on duty 100% of the time according to hospital policy.
? Keeps current on best practices, policy updates, and changes in procedure.
? Promptly reports all variances in care and safety issues in Risk Web.
? Demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and practices within RN scope of practice at all times
? Utilizes time management strategies to complete patient care assignments within shift.
? Effectively communicates any concerns to supervisor and uses the chain of command to address issues.
? Participates in drills and emergency response training. May be called in for GVH disaster response.
? Administers all prescribed medications utilizing correct procedure. Consistently scans medications and patient prior administration.
? Demonstrates proficiency in essential nursing skills including but not limited to blood administration, monitoring vital signs, wound care, IV insertion, Foley management, telemetry monitoring, management of invasive lines, NG insertion, medication administration, and effective documentation.
? Communicates effectively with physicians, promptly notifying physicians of any abnormal test results or changes in the patient's status. Assists physician with procedures as needed.
? Demonstrates accountability in managing and administering narcotics and promptly reports any discrepancy or mismanagement of controlled substances.
? Participates in drills and emergency response training
? May be called in for GVH disaster response.
? Other duties as assigned.

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